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Table of Contents

Part 1: Storms

Lesson 1: Thinking About Catastrophic Events
Lesson 2: Introducing Storms
Lesson 3: Heating Earth's Surface
Lesson 4: Heat Transfer and the Movement of Air
Lesson 5: Convection Currents in the Air
Lesson 6: Temperature, Pressure, and Cloud Formation
Lesson 7: Ocean Currents and Global Climate
Lesson 8: Storms Assessment
Lesson 9: Exploring Risks Through an Anchor Activity

Part 2: Earthquakes

Lesson 10: Introducing Earthquakes
Lesson 11: When the Earth Shakes
Lesson 12: Recording Earthquake Waves
Lesson 13: Plotting Earthquakes
Lesson 14: Using Earthquakes to Study the Earth's Interior
Lesson 15: Investigating Plate Movement and Faults
Lesson 16: Convection in the Mantle
Lesson 17: Earthquakes Assessment

Part 3: Volcanoes

Lesson 18: Introducing Volcanoes
Lesson 19: Volcanoes Change the Landscape
Lesson 20: Viscosity and Volcano Types
Lesson 21: Igneous Rock
Lesson 22: Exploring Igneous Rock Formation
Lesson 23: Volcanic Ash
Lesson 24: Effects of Ashfall
Lesson 25: Volcanoes Assessment
Glossary, Index, and Credits

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Front Matter
Part 1:  Storms
Part 2:  Earthquakes
Part 3:  Volcanoes


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