Common Core State Standards Initiative

Provide the perfect balance of hands-on inquiry and contextually relevant reading of informational text. Teach the skills of persuasion, explanation, and how to convey experiences through writing in science notebooks.

What makes STC™ Unique?
Reading Informational Text and the Common Core

Educational studies indicate that children are more likely to engage in a reading exercise when the literature is related to an activity in which they have just participated. This is exactly how the STC Program™ is designed.

Writing Expressed Through Science Notebooks and the Common Core Common Core
ELA standards require the fostering of three writing capacities: writing to persuade, to explain, and to convey real or imagined experience.

Every Unit Utilizes Reading of STC Literacy Series™ Informational Text and Content Literacy to:

Provide a natural transition from hands-on investigations
Build background knowledge to reinforce conceptual learning
Apply contextually relevant nonfiction literacy to real-world experiences

Every Unit Has Students Writing Communication in Science Notebooks to:

Model scientists by recording procedures (writing to convey experience)
Model scientists by recording observations and data (writing to convey experience)
Use data to provide evidence that supports a claim (writing to persuade)
Practice organizing materials and expressing themselves clearly (writing to convey experience and to explain)

Download Common Core Literacy & Science Integration Posters

Download K-2 Common Core Literacy and Science Integration
Download 3-5 Common Core Literacy and Science Integration
Download 6-8 Common Core Literacy and Science Integration



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