Science and Technology Concepts™ Elementary, the All-NEW 3rd Edition!
About Research-based Curriculum, Teacher Supportive Units for Grades K–5
The rigorous research and development process of the STC Program includes trial teaching and field-testing nationwide with geographically and ethnically diverse student populations, as well as the active involvement of the scientific and engineering communities. This process ensures that the learning experiences contained in each unit reflect current scientific thinking, and are pedagogically sound and developmentally age-appropriate for students.

Carolina Biological Supply Company creates SSEC-approved kits for each STC™ Program unit, supporting the teacher with everything needed from teacher and student supplies to live materials. STC™ 3rd Edition Unit kits contain:

Comprehensive Teacher’s Guide
Enough supplies to teach a class of 30 twice
Student investigations books for Grades 3–5 unit kits
The STC Literacy Series™
Online teacher and student resources
KIDS DISCOVER Content Literacy

What is the new Science and Technology Concepts™ Elementary, 3rd Edition?

6–8 week long science units that:

Fit the Next Generation framework and support STEM focused classrooms
Follow a carefully constructed conceptual sequence that builds upon student understanding and science practices.
Create a deep understanding of science concepts that provides a solid foundation for engineering practices.

Science and Engineering Practices in STC™:

Asking questions and defining problems
Developing and using models
Planning and carrying out investigations
Analyzing and interpreting data
Using mathematics , information and computer technology, and computational thinking
Construction explanations and designing solutions
Engaging in argument from evidence
Obtaining, evaluating, and communicating information

Benefits for the Teacher:

Improved, All-in-one Teacher’s Guide
Lesson-by-lesson Materials List
Embedded, Formative, and Summative Assessment
Time-saving Literacy extensions
Access to online content through Carolina Science Online
Materials to teacher a class of 30 twice
Benefits for the Student:

All new, Kid-friendly Student Investigations guides for Grade 3–5 unit
STC Literacy Series
KIDS DISCOVER content literacy

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