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  Magnets and Motors
Using a series of hands-on experiments, students investigate the properties of magnets and the magnetic properties of electric currents. Students will also experience the historical development of our understanding of magnets.

Student activities include:
Making a compass.
Building electromagnets and conducting experiments to test their strength.
Constructing and operating 2 types of rudimentary electric motors to illustrate one of the major applications of electromagnetism.
Disassembling, experimenting with, and rebuilding a commercial electric motor to see how its components correspond with those of the motors students constructed.
Producing electricity with an electric generator to light a bulb and turn a motor.

The STC Program™ is a basal, inquiry-based science curriculum for grades K–10 that covers life, earth, and physical sciences with technology. STC™ was developed by the Smithsonian Science Education Center based on research into how students learn best. The SSEC was established by the National Academies and the Smithsonian Institution.

Benefits of using this kit:

STC kits contain all of the materials you’ll need to teach the unit
Inquiry science is a proven alternative to textbook programs
Supplemental literacy pieces in the Teacher’s Guide, STC BOOKS™, and KIDS DISCOVER connect classroom content to the real world
2-use kits and refurbishment sets provide enough materials for a second non-concurrent use

By the end of the unit your students will understand that:
Magnets have distinctive properties
Magnets have opposite poles that may be used to determine direction
Magnetism is one property derived by electricity flowing through a circuit and may be used to make an electromagnet
The magnetic properties of an electromagnet may be used to make a motor and generate electricity

In the Kit:

Teacher’s Guide with lesson instructions, unit overview with background information, and sections on assessment, notebooking, literacy, and more

Enough materials to lead a class of 30 students through all lessons in the unit
Premium Content access for teachers
8 copies of STC BOOKS Magnets and Motors
8 issues of Electricity KIDS DISCOVER
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Magnets and Motors Unit Kit
The Unit Kit comes with a Teacher's Guide, a Teacher's Tools CD, 16 reusable Student Guides, and the materials needed for a class of 32.
Magnets and Motors 2-Use Kit
The 2-Use Kit comes with all of the materials needed for a second, non-concurrent use.
Magnets and Motors Refurbishment Set
This set replenishes the consumable materials in the Unit Kit.
Magnets and Motors Replacement Parts
We offer individual replacement parts for your Unit Kits.
STC Planner: Magnets and Motors
Developed with classroom teacher in mind, each planner correlates with the unit Teacher's Guide, making it easy to find the right activity or reading selection. The lesson-by-lesson synopsis allow teacher to prepare for an entire unit or a single lesson.
Additional Magnets and Motors Student Investigations
We offer additional re-usable Student Investigations Guides for your convenience.
Magnets and Motors (STC Literacy Series), Pack of 8
STC™ Books help students improve both their reading comprehension and their grasp of science.



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