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  Expanded view of the GEMS® Space Science Sequence for Grades 6–8 Kit

  GEMS® Space Science Sequence (Grades 68)
The universe is as vast and wide as the topics a teacher needs to teach space science. Meeting space science educational standards with the classroom time allotted can be challenging, however GEMS® Space Science Sequences allow you to teach exactly what you need to cover in a timely manner.

GEMS® Space Science Sequence for Grades 6
8 allows students to build on the key space science concepts learned in GEMS® Space Science Sequence for Grades 35 as they explore the solar system and beyond through the use of models, hands-on investigations, peer-to-peer discussions, reflection, and informational student readings. In this Sequence students investigate how the Sun affects Earth, why there are seasons, the solar system, and what is beyond the solar system in 4 flexible units. 

Benefits of using this kit:

Structure of units and assessment system increased student test scores in field tests and in additional research study test groups.
Only key space science concepts are included to allow time for full understanding.
Use of models and engaging activities bring space science down to Earth and generate genuine student excitement.

Goals of GEMS® Space Science Sequence for Grades 68

To provide complete understanding of 4 fundamental space science concepts:

How does the Sun affect the Earth?
Why are there seasons?
The Solar System
What is beyond the Solar System
National Standards addressed by GEMS® Space Science Sequence for Grades 6–8:
Earth and Space Science Standard, 58: Earth in the Solar System.
Inquiry Standard, 58: Abilities necessary to do scientific inquiry.
Science and Technology Standard, 58: Abilities of technological design; Communicate the process of technological design; Understanding about science and technology.
History and Nature of Science Standard, 58.
Unifying Concepts and Principles: Constancy, change, and measurement; evidence, models, and explanation; Scale and Structure.

In the Kit:
Teacher's Guide that is divided into 4 teaching units. Each unit contains 6 to 11 sixty-minute class sessions.
CD-ROM (contains multimedia components for use by the teacher and the students, files for all transparencies and copy masters)
Color transparencies and copy masters (Copy masters are 3-hole punched and ready to place into a binder. Binder not included.)
Materials needed for a class of 32
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GEMS® Space Science Sequence for Grades 68 Kit
This Kit comes with a Teacher's Guide, CD-ROM, copy masters, color transparencies, an information packet, and the materials needed for a class of 32.
GEMS® Space Science Sequence for Grades 68 Teacher's Guide
Additional Teacher's Guides are available if you need them.
GEMS® Space Science Sequence for Grades 68 Refurbishment Set
This set replenishes the consumable materials in the Kit.



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