Science Magnifier™

  Now Available in eBook Format!
New from Carolina™ Curriculum for Building Blocks of Science® is the Science Magnifier™, a high-interest student handbook that supports inquiry-science education in elementary classrooms.

The Science Magnifier™ is now available in both a hardcover book and eBook format on our Carolina Science Online digital learning environment. The eBook format allows flexibility for whole group instruction on your classroom’s interactive whiteboard, or individual learning on personal computers and laptops.

View an eBook sample:  Primary (Grades 2-3)   Intermediate (Grades 4-5)

The Science Magnifier™ includes several unique features:

Availability in two grade-level ranges, 2–3 and 4–5
Mini graphic novels introduce content to students using age-appropriate Science Kids.
Thinking Big™: Students manipulate images taken with a scanning electron microscope (SEM). A list of clues (riddles) encourages students to think what the SEM image might be. (see demo below)
Study Guide section that provides information about how to read maps, how science and math work together, information about real scientists, and understanding science words.
The Science Magnifier™ includes chapters covering topics in:
Science Basics: Journaling, Recording, Connections to Math, and Science Safety
Life Science: Organisms, Animals, the Human Body, and Life Cycles
Earth Science: Earth and Its Landforms, Fossils, Soil, and the Solar System
Physical Science: Matter, Energy, Sound, Light, and Simple Machines


Try the Thinking Big™Demo!
As you begin this Thinking Big™ demo, you'll see that the first image is zoomed-in to the highest level of magnification.  There will also be one clue to help you determine what is being magnified by the scanning electron microscope.  Use the magnification controls under the image to decrease the magnification and receive more clues.


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